Monday, August 24, 2009

terry southern -- "give me your hump" : the unspeakable terry southern record (usa : koch, 2001)

hysterically funny & profoundly vulgar collection of spoken word pieces by one of my sorely-missed heroes, a man with an unparalled countercultural pedigree, terry southern. also features contributions from michael o'donoghue, of SNL & "mr. mike's mondo video" fame, and martin mull [please, someone--shout factory, perhaps?--put out DVDs of "fernwood 2-night"!), amongst others (yes, probably the only post you'll ever see here featuring--gasp/sigh--sandra bernhardt).


01 blood of a wig ("kennedy assassination sequence") -- read by terry southern
02 blue movie ("the casbah sequence") -- read by marianne faithful
03 rimmers ("letter to michael o'donoghue") -- read by terry southern
04 flash & filigree ("the clinic") -- read by terry southern, allen ginsberg & rene ricard
05 the loved one ("phone call") -- read by terry southern
06 the magic christian ("the parking ticket") -- read by terry southern, martin mull & michael j. pollard
07 snapping turtle puss confab -- terry southern & nelson lyon
08 i am mike hammer -- read by terry southern
09 frank & kafka (act 1: "love is a many splendored") -- read by terry southern
10 frank & kafka (act 2: "an apartment to exchange") -- read by jonathan winters and sandra bernhardt
11 mother mischief/terry southern interviews a male faggot nurse -- read by terry southern & taylor mead
12 boulevard of broken balls -- performed by michael o'donoghue & cheryl hardwick
13 candy ("the hunchback") -- read by terry southern & mary jenifer mitchell